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December 28, 2022
Will Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repairs? (Coverage Tips)

Homeowners insurance acts as an umbrella against disaster for your property, protecting it and you from the wettest days. But what if the crisis comes from below? Does homeowners insurance cover foundation damage? The simple answer is that it depends. The type of damage, your capacity to prevent foundation damage, and the kinds of house […]

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January 22, 2022
Top 7 Signs You Need Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

If you’ve been putting off foundation repair in Baton Rouge, now is the time to call a foundation repair contractor! The longer you ignore cracks and leaks, the more extensive they become. In turn, your eventual repair costs will get even more costly. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most responsible property owner ignores damage because they […]

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May 17, 2021
SOS! How to Repair a Crumbling Concrete Foundation?

If you’re a homeowner searching for how to repair concrete foundation crumbling, it’s vital that you address this issue quickly. Foundation damage only gets worse the longer it’s ignored and can lead to expensive secondary damage including wood rot, mold, and a sinking or settling home. Crumbling foundation concrete is best repaired with concrete patching […]

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