Will Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repairs? (Coverage Tips)

December 28, 2022

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Homeowners insurance acts as an umbrella against disaster for your property, protecting it and you from the wettest days. But what if the crisis comes from below? Does homeowners insurance cover foundation damage? The simple answer is that it depends. The type of damage, your capacity to prevent foundation damage, and the kinds of house insurance coverage you have all have an impact. However, before we get into specifics, let's define the basics.

What Is a House Foundation?

Firstly, the foundation supports the weight of the entire home, transmitting the force through to the earth beneath. As a result, most (though not all) foundations are composed of concrete and excavated into the ground for additional stability.

Secondly, your foundation effectively holds your house in place, functioning as an anchor between the frame (the walls, ceilings, etc.) and the earth underneath. Natural calamities (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis) or more common severe weather conditions (such as floods, wind, and frost-heave) prevent your home from being washed or blown away by your foundation.

Finally, a well-built foundation can assist in waterproofing your property and keep groundwater from entering the lower levels of your home.

will home insurance cover foundation repairs

What Are the Foundation Issues?

We rarely see or think about what's going underground. Yet, your foundation lives daily in this underground world. Burrowing creatures like groundhogs or moles, termites, tree roots, and water-saturated soil can harm your foundation. Other dangers can cause surface deterioration. Wildfires, home fires, flooding, and earthquakes can jeopardize your home's foundation. It's important to regularly schedule a foundation inspection to assess the health of your foundation and catch foundation problems before they become hazardous.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair? (Various Causes)

The extent of your house insurance coverage and the cause of the damage will determine whether you are covered. While standard home insurance covers many types of damage, particular classifications, such as those caused by natural disasters, frequently necessitate separate coverage. You will be protected up to the limits of your insurance. According to Value Penguin, most conventional homeowners' plans start at roughly $250,000 in dwelling coverage, although your coverage limit may be more significant. In most cases, foundation repairs will be at most $100,000.

Foundation Repair Caused by Accidents

In most cases, yes. Accidental damage accounts for a large portion of what homeowners insurance covers. Accident-related damage scenarios include intense storms, fires, gas leak explosions, and even accidents such as a vehicle driving into your property.

Repair From Water, Earthquakes, or Severe Weather

Basic home insurance only covers some natural disasters. As previously indicated, damage caused by wildfires and severe storms is typically covered. On the other hand, damage from earthquakes and floods is not covered by basic foundation insurance. You can acquire supplementary insurance to cover these risks. 

Repair from Faulty Construction

Likely, your homeowners' insurance policy won't cover it if an unforeseeable, unexpected occurrence doesn't bring it on. There are several instances of poor construction-related foundation issues. The onus of conducting due diligence during the home-buying process rests with the homeowner. Always perform a thorough home examination before committing.

Floor Sagging or Foundation Movement

Home insurance frequently excludes coverage for sinking floors or shifting foundations. A distinct endorsement or policy may cover natural catastrophes like earthquakes, landslides, and sinkholes; nonetheless, foundation or flooring issues brought on by soil-level changes fall under the maintenance category. 

Are Cracks in Foundation Covered by Insurance?

A bad foundation is not something to be laughed at. However, it might not be very comforting. Because your home's foundation eventually supports it, foundation cracking suggests more significant problems. Since repair expenses are frequently substantial, homeowners are sometimes uneasy about taking on this home improvement project. Repairing a foundation crack would cost you between $250 and $800, according to Home Advisor. Due to this expense, most homeowners wonder, "Does home insurance cover foundation repair from cracks?"

Your home insurance typically doesn't cover foundation cracks or settling. Your policy's dwelling coverage covers only specific perils/events for your home's foundation. Most plans do not cover damage resulting from ordinary house upkeep but do cover damage caused by abrupt and unexpected occurrences like fire or extreme windstorms.

cracks in foundation

Can You Get Homeowners Insurance With Foundation Issues?

Although home insurance covers many causes of foundation damage, it does not cover all. For example, some believe that following a natural disaster, their insurer will provide homeowners with foundation protection. That, however, is not the case. Practically all home insurance policies expressly exclude two of the most damaging natural calamities to foundations: floods and earthquakes. If you live in a region with a high risk of either of these disasters, purchase a separate earthquake or flood insurance policy to protect your foundation and your entire home.

Furthermore, foundation repair insurance is unavailable when the foundation problem is caused by regular wear and tear; This is because most insurance Insuring Agreements only cover "sudden and accidental loss" or "Direct Physical Loss," defined as damage caused by an accident or other unforeseeable incident. Insurers claim that it is your responsibility as a homeowner to do proper house upkeep. As a result, many foundation troubles are attributed to your carelessness.

You might expect your insurer to deny coverage for settling, shifting, and cracking foundations caused by temperature, soil variations, earth movement, or tree root growth. However, they will almost certainly claim that the losses were not "unexpected and unintentional" and that it is your responsibility as a homeowner to remedy those issues as part of your usual maintenance.

Also, only anticipate foundation insurance from your homeowners' coverage for a properly built home's foundation. To avoid this problem — and the related out-of-pocket expense – undergo a home inspection before purchasing a new property.

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?

Home repairs are costly, not to mention the cost of high-quality foundation repairs. You may be asking if it is worthwhile to invest substantial sums in something that may or may not be apparent.

Without question, it is.

The quick answer is yes. If your foundation shows distress, you should have it fixed. Your foundation is the bedrock of the entire construction of your building, and it may be hazardous if left unchecked.

foundation repair is worth it


As with most types of home damage, prevention is essential. There are various ways to protect your foundation from potential hazards. Adding gutters to your roof helps divert water from the ground around your property, reducing the danger of water damage. Trimming grass and other plants near your foundation deter rats and other pests from creating a home there. Also, be cautious of trees growing near your property. Their root systems are more extensive than you might assume. Contact an expert if you notice any cracks or other early damage indicators. A preventative evaluation costs less than a repair service.

Owning a home requires having homeowners insurance. Although you will have to pay for it each month, you will only use this insurance sometimes, just like you won't use your health or auto insurance. Even though homeowners insurance is needed, it's crucial to understand what you're buying, why it's vital, and when to upgrade your policy after substantial home changes. Understanding home insurance and what it covers is also essential.

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