Quick Foundation Crack Repair for Baton Rouge Buildings of All Shapes & Sizes

What Calls for a Foundation Crack Repair in Baton Rouge?

Determining whether or not it's time to call in for a foundation crack repair in Baton Rouge isn't always easy. Did you know that professional structural engineers categorize foundation cracks into over ten different types? Some of them are serious, and others are normal from regular shifting and settling. Some require immediate attention, and others only need to be photographed and monitored. Unfortunately, unless you've gone through the training and education of a foundation contractor, you aren't going to be able to accurately decide which is which.

That's where Better Foundation Repair Baton Rouge steps in. We have over 20 years of time spent in this field, and we know what we're looking at when we see it. And you should believe we've seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to foundations! As the most reputable crew in the state, you can trust that what we're telling you is honest and factual.

Before you dismiss your foundation crack as something not so serious, let us take a look. Our initial foundation inspection is FREE. There's nothing for you to lose.

cracks from foundation crack before repair in Baton Rouge
house needing a foundation crack repair in Baton Rouge

Foundation Crack Repairs in Baton Rouge - Save Your Structure!

The cost of foundation crack repair in Baton Rouge varies significantly from one property to the next. Why? Because not all foundation cracks require the same level of attention or involvement. Some of the more minor cracks we fix can be done in just a few minutes with high-quality epoxy injection and one of the qualified contractors working on it. Other jobs require much more time, material, and labor. 

Regardless of the price of your foundation repair service, know that when you invest in it, you're getting so much out of it!

  • Increased comfort and energy efficiency
  • Peace of mind your home is on solid ground
  • Fewer repairs needed to things like drywall, flooring, and other features
  • Boost in property value

Help from our knowledgeable crew ensures all protocols are followed, and building permits are obtained. Read through our blog for some helpful information about foundation repairs, then give us a call!

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Get Your Foundation Crack Repair in Baton Rouge NOW!

We mentioned earlier that there are over ten different types of foundation cracks on Baton Rouge homes and businesses. Let's dive into those now:

  1. Stair step cracks - if you can stick a quarter in stair step crack, call right away for service.
  2. Horizontal cracks - severe; immediate foundation repairs required!
  3. Hairline cracks - minor, common in new construction
  4. Diagonal cracks - document size and check back in six months; larger than a quarter call for an inspection
  5. Vertical cracks - monitor, if smaller than a quarter, no immediate threat
  6. Shrinkage cracks - no immediate danger, ask about warranty coverage for new homes
  7. Non-structural cracks - cosmetic most often and not serious; monitor
  8. Wet non-structural cracks - if water is coming in or the crack is growing, call now for service!
  9. Foundation slab cracks - larger than a hairline, then call a pro.
  10. Structural cracks - act quickly to get a foundation crack repair in Baton Rouge, especially if moisture is present

Basically, if your foundation crack can hold a quarter, you need to call for immediate assistance. If you're not sure, our crew will help. Call to speak with an expert and have all your questions answered!

drywall crack because of foundation crack in Baton Rouge
house needing a foundation repair service in Baton Rouge

Better Foundation Repair Baton Rouge Has Your Back

Before you partner with a foundation repair company in Baton Rouge that's only out to make a quick buck, know that we're here to stay. We're family-owned and operated, and our fully licensed and insured crew lives right here in the area. When you contractor with Better Foundation Repair Baton Rouge, you're building a relationship with a group of experts that will last a lifetime.

  • 20+ years experience
  • Lifetime warranties
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Locally owned
  • Competitive rates
  • Financing options

There's no other foundation repair company in the state that offers what we do. So don't stress about your much-needed foundation repair service. Please pick up the phone and call us at the first sign of trouble.



See what our customers have to say:
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"I was extremely pleased with the quality job Better Foundation Repair provided. They were affordable, explained the processes, and their professional knowledge was apparent. I wanted the job to be done correctly the first time and they nailed it!"
-Michael J.

If It Involves a Foundation Service, We're the Team to Trust!

Better Foundation Repair Baton Rouge is the number one foundation repair company in all the state of Louisiana. We have been in this industry and dedicated to our trade for well over two decades. We know there's more to foundation systems than what meets the eye. A foundation repair isn't all we do.

Prevent problems with your foundation before they ever begin by taking advantage of some of our proactive options of waterproofing and drainage. Sump pump installation, French drain services, and waterproofing protect your foundation from the start. With our initial complimentary assessment, you can get a "Better" idea of what is required for your building. Call today to set up an on-site appointment at your convenience!

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Reliable Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Baton Rouge by Licensed Pros

Your building is only as stable as the foundation that's holding it up. Don't ignore cracks and structural damages any longer. We offer fair prices, fast service, and a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE. Call us at 225-267-8811 now! 
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